Digital Machining

The PoliMill course is aimed at staff and engineering department managers of manufacturing companies involved in milling. Participants will use a modern, digital workflow to design and implement a milling cycle. The goal is to lower the barrier to entry into the world of Digital Machining and Industry 4.0 applied to machining.

The course enables the use of state-of-the-art Digital Machining software such as Sandvik Coromant ToolGuide®, Siemens NX®, CGTech Vericut® and Bruker Alicona MetMaxX® by making PCs available to participants.


Lesson 1: Introduction to the world of chip removal

This lesson introduces the basics needed to approach the industrial world of chip removal with a focus on milling theory.

Lesson 2: Tool Holder

This lecture introduces tool gripping systems, the various types of standardized spindle interfaces, types of clamping and their characteristics.

Lesson 3: Coolant fluids

This lecture introduces the theoretical basis of lubrorefrigeration, the distinction between the various types of lubrorefrigeration, their characteristics and applicability.

Lesson 4: Set up operations on CAM

This lesson introduces the basics of being able to properly set up the basic operations of the milling process, such as: face milling, contouring and making pockets from solid. The Siemens NX® CAM program will be used at this juncture.

Lesson 5: Simulating Processes with CGTech VERICUT®

In this lesson we introduce the basics in order to fully understand what functions and capabilities a high-level simulator like VERICUT® can offer. Starting with process verification and arriving at the optimization of the process parameters themselves.

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